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The Electric Alley [E]

Do, 14.12.17 | 20.30h | 10,- €
Happy Billard * Kurt-A.-Körber-Chaussee 73
The Electric Alley [E]

Rock aus Spanien erobert die Club am Donnerstag Bühne!

The Electric Alley is a Hard Rock band from Cádiz (Spain) in 2012. The band started out writing songs and playing local gigs in their hometown. Due to great demand, and positive reviews in the local press, they decided to record their first album. the stylel of “Backwards states of society” varies from pure hard rock all the way to epic ballads via mid-tempo rock. 10 songs that have been part of the spanish hard rock scene from 2013 and getting excellent album and concerts reviews from the spanish press (Ruta 66, Radio 3, This is Rock). A remarkable achievement in 2014 for the band was to lend “No Control” to MOVISTAR TV for the Formula 1 TV show (as the main program music) along with 5 others songs.On the band’s last tour, they took their show to the four corners of the country. From small clubs to National Music Festivals and also, winning some National Music Competitions.
The scored the soundtrack for “A Lonely Sun Stoty” a Spanish short animated film with Spanish actors. María Valverde and Mario Casas that has been nominated for the best short film in the Goya Awards in 2015. The soundtrack is a love story that captures the essence of rock ballads with an excellent orchestration, and it’s included in the new album.

Get electrified! is their new studio album which is the crowning achievement of a long 2015, packed with work. The album was self-produced by the band and produced by Rafa Camisón (Estudio Sesentaynueve). With this LP The Electric Alley aspire to reach (audiences) as far as possible, and have contracted with SSM Music, and independent Danish booking agency with whom they have prepared their first European tour which will take them to 10 different countries in the fall of 2015.

Rock is more alive than ever when Get Electrified is playing. A compilation of 10 tracks which evoke the energy and passion that every fan of the genre looks for when they push “play”. The album is influenced by groups from Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes to comtemporary acts such as Rival Sons, Blackberry Smoke and Mr. Big.