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Dead Bronco [USA]

Do, 17.05.18 | 20.30h | 10,- €
Happy Billard
Dead Bronco [USA]

In February the new album from DEAD BRONCO is due! The past two months they've been locked up in our rehearsal room practicing and preparing the new show and everything is coming out smooth like butter, but what would expect from such a team; Adán Gómez (mandolina/guitarra), Joel Bruna (banjo), Guille Peña (batería), y Adrian López (contrabajo). A first class posse that sounds like a punch in the face. The album is called DRIVEN BY FRUSTRATION, and we´re recording with Alex Pis from Drive Division Studios in Santander. A new sound has been born and they are calling it AMERICANA SLUDGE. A taste of thrash metal, hardcore punk, doom but with a traditional americana base. Ya´ll gonna poop your pants!

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