Jane Lee Hooker [USA]

Do., 08.06.23 | 20.00h |
Happy Billiard * Kurt-A.-Körber-Chaussee 73 * 21033 HH-bergedorf
Jane Lee Hooker [USA]

Jane Lee Hooker aus Brooklyn, NY sind bekannt für ihren mitreißenden Stil, den Legenden des Rock‘n‘Roll, Blues, Punk und Soul einen aufrichtigen Tribut zu zollen. Ihre heißen Live-Auftritte mit mehreren Gitarren sorgen immer wieder für unvergessliche Abende mit authentischer und voller Passion gespielter Mucke - und wer die Mädels schon mal gesehen hat, der weiß genau, was wir meinen.

Am 01. Juni des nächsten Jahres starten wir ihre Tournee in Belgien und danach rollt der Zug bis in den Juli hinein durch Europa undwird am 8.6 bei uns eintreffen.....


Jane Lee Hooker exploded out of New York City in 2015, with members having spent time playing in Nashville Pussy, Bad Wizard, Helldorado, Lez Zeppelin, NYC punk rockers The Wives and Plasmatics offshoot New Hope. The band released a revved up album of Blues covers titled  No B!  in 2016, and were immediately signed to legendary German Blues label Ruf Records.  Spiritus  followed in 2017 and found Jane Lee Hooker touring extensively in support of these records - performing to packed houses across the US and Europe including Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg. 

While Jane Lee Hooker s blend of rock, blues, punk, R&B and soul pays respect to the greats of the past, this is a band that lives fiercely in the present tense. JLH s fiery performances have made them a must-see live act, and feature the muscular lead guitars of Tracy Hightop and Tina Gorin, the rock-solid rhythm section of bassist Mary Z and drummer Ron Salvo and soul-scorching lead vocals courtesy of Dana Athens. In a world full of manufactured bands and live shows backed up by harddrives, 

Jane Lee Hooker play rock  n  roll the way it s meant to be played – loud and with passion. Jane Lee Hooker loves to play live and share their music with their fans around the world. US dates start in February of 2022 with a European tour to follow in April/May - check back here for live show info and tour updates.


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